Taiwan Season 10th Anniversary Symposium 2023: Challenges Achievements Change 
It is an invitation to presenters, programmers, producers, members of the media, Fringe-registered artists and others interested in Connecting with Taiwan to come celebrate a decade of the Taiwan Season performance showcase and consider from a wider perspective as members of the arts industry, 'Where do we go from here?'  
Guest speakers at this special retrospective edition of our award-winning symposium include Verity Leigh and Morag Deyes, curatorial allies from long-time partner venues Summerhall and Dance Base. Opening remarks by Fringe CEO Shona McCarthy, plus responsive insights from Fringe representative Ellinor Fristorp Rodén and members of the TS management team. Hosted by arts journalist Donald Hutera. Themes include relationship and brand-building, artist development, and international cross-cultural collaboration and exchange. Supported by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan. 
Date: August 18
Time: 10.30 - 12 noon 
Location: British Council Industry Hub at Dance Base
RSVP: Eventbrite link will be forthcoming



Hosted by Donald Hutera

©Peter Robertshaw

Donald Hutera has written reviews, previews, interviews and cultural commentary for a wide variety of international publications (including The Times of London), websites and books since 1977. He has been a ‘judge’ on numerous performing arts festival and other panels; mentored aspiring critics for, among others, Aerowaves dance platform and the British Council; and been guest speaker or writer-in residence at dance, theatre and circus gatherings world-wide including ArtsCross (UK/China/Taiwan, 2009-2103) and Aerowaves Springback (Europe, since 2014). His involvement with Taiwan Season as PR representative began in 2016.